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 Louisville dispute creditTo dispute credit on line:

 1.  Equifax (Beacon)– Call 877-784-2528 M-F, 9-5pm or Click on link:

 Click on “Get Started”.  Fill in only lines marked with asterisk*/ click “continue”.  Fill out questions/ click “Continue”.  Click on what you are disputing; typically “Negative Information”. Select: “Accounts”, “Collections”, or “Public Records”.  The account will show up below and you  can click on “Dispute”.   NOTE: To go back, you must click “Backspace” on keyboard as the window doesn’t have a back arrow or “go back” option.

2.  Experian (Fair Isaac)– click on link  follow link for Credit Report Dispute Process or click: or call 888-397-3742/2/0 

3.  Trans Union (Empirica)– Click on link to register:  CLICK “File Dispute” in middle of page/ scroll to bottom/ File Dispute Online/   or call 800-916-8800/3/2.   Save confirmation #.  You’ll receive an email confirming dispute was received and then log in online to view results of investigation.  Be sure to print and save new credit report to desktop.

For free once a year tri-merge credit Report (no scores) go to .  If it says your online report isn’t available for Equifax, you must call and confirm info with them.  They will verify and send you user ID and password to re-login and view

Collections– Any collection older than 3 years no longer affects your credit score.  If you pay it, it can temporarily make your credit score go down!

BK– Can NOT be removed prior to 7 years and won’t affect your credit score after 3 yrs. If you are in a BK 13 and have good 12 month pay history to Trustee, you can refinance, depending on your credit score and other credit qualifications.

If you have a credit card that has been lost or stolen you can call to add a “fraud alert” to your credit file for all 3 credit reporting bureaus at 800-525-6285/1.

I realize this can be confusing, so please feel free to contact me for help.  It’s worth doing so you can get your score to go up and get a lower interest rate!


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Senior Mortgage Specialist

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